Super Fast Download and Upload Speeds

As businesses, gamers & people who work from home all know, it’s not only download speeds that matter. That’s why Butler-Bremer now offers blazing fast symmetrical speeds up to 200 Mbps download AND upload  to make your Internet experience even more enjoyable!

Fiber-optic Network

If you want the fastest, most reliable Internet service, we’ve got it. Our Internet runs over a fiber-optic network, and most customers have a direct fiber connection (with even more customers being connected in the future!) This gives you the best quality and the most advanced technology available today!

Unlimited Internet

Unlike most providers, Butler-Bremer continues to offer UNLIMITED Internet use with no annoying data caps or overage fees!

24/7 Support

Need help? Try our online trouble shooting. Or, call our 24/7 tech support anytime at 866-276-8253!

Ready to order Butler-Bremer service or upgrade your services now?

Butler-Bremer’s voice, data and video services are delivered over a 100% fiber-optic backbone via a single connection. Fiber-optic technology provides you with better quality services, improved reliability and more capacity and speed, as well as access to future technologies that haven’t even been created!

Butler-Bremer provides up to 200 Mbps download speeds in most areas.

When you add TV service to your Butler-Bremer Internet & phone service, you can save up to $35 off your bill every month!

Butler-Bremer Internet


20 Meg Internet for just $44.95/month!

Digital TV


Choose the perfect TV package for your business!

Butler-Bremer remote computer service


Click HERE for eTech remote computer support! We can fix pop-ups, help with software issues, clean up, and repair your computer and you don’t have to leave your house!