TV on my side

Butler-Bremer works hard to keep your TV bill as low as possible by fighting against excessive Network fee increases from large, powerful media conglomerates. To learn more about the economics of the TV business, click HERE.

HD channels

And speaking of HD channels…you get HD on up to 3 TVs with our Expanded Digital TV service! So you can skip the hefty $7 box fees like you pay with satellite, which saves you big time!

Super Fast Download and Upload Speeds

As businesses, gamers & people who work from home all know, it’s not only download speeds that matter. That’s why Butler-Bremer now offers blazing fast symmetrical speeds up to 200 Mbps download AND upload  to make your Internet experience even more enjoyable!

Fiber-optic Network

If you want the fastest, most reliable Internet service, we’ve got it. Our Internet runs over a fiber-optic network, and most customers have a direct fiber connection (with even more customers being connected in the future!) This gives you the best quality and the most advanced technology available today!