New Digital TV Channels Now Available

We are pleased to announce a number of new channels now available on our Digital TV line-up. Channel 105 – Crime & Investigation Network®; the ultimate destination for crime, investigation and mystery programming. CI opens the door to crime labs, police archives and the justice system, providing viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at criminal investigations,…



Butler-Bremer Communications Announces the Retirement of

Al Freerks


Eva Miller

Please join us in Celebrating this event at an OPEN HOUSE;

* Friday April 26, 2013

* 3:00 p.m. – 6 p.m.

* At the Butler-Bremer Communications Business Office; 715 main St., Plainfield


Internet Outage

The Perfect Storm. Last week we had a convergence of two issues which caused Butler-Bremer to have significant network issues. Most telephone companies, including Butler-Bremer, have back-up power systems in place which consist of a stand-alone generator and a large bank of batteries. The batteries maintain power until the generator kicks in and can take over the power…


Digital TV Upgrade Highlights

With the recent upgrade in software to our Digital TV service there were a few changes to note: The Previous Channel button was “moved”; both remotes have a “p<p” button that is now the previous channel control (located next to the “mute” button on each remote). A shortcut button to access recorded programs for DVR’s…


Digital TV Software Upgrade

During the Wednesday (February 20th)/Thursday (February 21st) maintenance window we will be installing an upgrade to the software used to provide our Digital TV service. This upgrade will bring some new features, which will be addressed at a later date. In order to apply the upgrade, we will remotely reboot the set-top-boxes (STB) used for the…


Attention Wrestling Fans

The Iowa Hgh School State Wrestling Finals will be telecast on the Butler-Bremer digital CATV service. The finals will be held Saturday February 16th, starting at 6:00 pm.

Digital customers tune to channels 50 or 53

Be sure to tune in Saturday the 16th and enjoy the finest high school wrestling in the nation.

NetSpeed Upgrade

Once again Butler-Bremer Communications has increased the download speeds for our NetSpeed and Netspeed Business packages. As of today the Netspeed package has been changed to 4 Mbps download and the Business service was increased to 8 Mbps download. This has been done without an increase in the monthly fees for with of these services.  …