With the ever changing environment we are in, due to the Covid-19 Virus, Butler-Bremer Communications is implementing the following policies effect immediately.

  • For the safety of our technicians and customers, in cases of service trouble we will test service to the outside of the house (location of our electronics) and if the trouble seems to be inside the residence we will assist the customer to the extent we can but WE WILL NOT be entering premises except in cases of extreme emergency. Unfortunately this means new installations of some services will be put on hold at this time.
  • We also ask that you please DO NOT visit to our business office. Please call or email questions and our CSRs and Technicians will help you.

Our goal to keep our staff and customers safe and that starts with limiting contact. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and ask that our customers be understanding during this unprecedented time.

Richard McBurney, GM