Credit Checks.  In connection with your request or application for service, we may conduct an investigation into your credit-worthiness, including obtaining one or more reports or ratings from one or more independent credit reporting or credit scoring agencies. By applying for service, you authorize the Company to investigate or verify your credit history and to share credit information with credit reporting agencies

Deposit.  Butler-Bremer may require a deposit for you to commence construction and/or establish service at the service address. The deposit amount, the length of time Butler-Bremer holds the deposit and changes to the deposit amount are determined based on Butler-Bremer’s costs and risks of construction, your credit and payment history and any applicable laws or regulations. If Butler-Bremer requires a deposit to commence construction or establish service, Butler-Bremer will hold the deposit as partial guarantee of payment for such service, including special construction.  Butler-Bremer may change the deposit at any time to reflect revised estimated monthly charges based upon your usage.  A deposit may not be used to pay any bill (unless it is used to pay a final bill) or delay payment. Except as otherwise required by applicable law or regulations, the rate of interest on the deposit is subject to change, and Butler-Bremer may mix deposits with other funds. If a service is terminated for any reason, Butler-Bremer may, subject to applicable law and regulations, apply your deposit toward payment of outstanding charges. If Butler-Bremer attempts to return all or any portion of a deposit, and if the U.S. Postal Service cannot deliver the money to you and returns it to Butler-Bremer, Butler-Bremer will hold it for you for two (2) years from the date of return and may charge a monthly servicing fee against the deposit balance. Any money held during this 2-year period will not accrue interest for your benefit. You will be deemed to have abandoned any portion of the money left after the 2-year period.